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Social Media for the Evolving Assistant

Are you an assistant who rises above the call of duty and incorporates the latest business trends into your daily routine?

If you answered yes, then you are more than likely exploring ways to immerse social media into the office and blend it with the current resources you already have.

Where do you start and how do you successfully launch social media so those in your office will applaud you for your efforts? First become attuned to social media in the workplace and how it impacts daily communication. Then become familiar with effectively managing online engagement and the importance of a social media policy. And if your office does not have a social media policy, then suggest that one be created and adopted by all employees — Coca Cola provides a guide on participating in social media, both personally as well as when you are acting in an official capacity.

For training, resources and more, check out these links:

Hootsuite University

Social Media for Small Business: How its different from how big brands do it

30 Tips for Using Social Media In Your Business

And check out the marketing trends to leverage ways to maximize social media: Social Media Marketing Trends for Small Business

Now that you are armed with the tips and resources, take the plunge and create a communication medium that will provide the office with a channel to in-depth information they can put to practice at work today!


Social Business: Executive Assistant Tips to be Champions of the Social Office Part III

October 23, 2014 4 comments

After diving into the social office with the resources from Part I and Part II, it is time to delve deeper into the value of business social!

Part III will help pave the way to amplifying not only what you learned thus far but how to maximize the connections to monetize the organization’s information and/or proliferate brand awareness. Let’s get started by learning how to apply analytics and collaboration
tools to improve the S.O.C.I.A.L plan and excel at being SEA champions of the office!

Google Analytics

Before moving into the analytics piece, learn about the benefits of  adding Google Analytics to the advanced S.O.C.I.A.L plan — it is a service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about a website‘s traffic and traffic sources and measures conversions and sales. Read More

Get started with Google analytics here as well as sign-up for an account. The site also shares information on how to successfully measure progress and the Analytics Academy is a great resource for plunging deeper into about data, features, and analysis techniques.


How can this platform help? It may not be a need for the organization, but the tips and resources via the blog can lead to improving the overall implementation of the advanced S.O.C.I.A.L plan.

Remain Active

Business operations will more than likely in the short-term trump the S.O.C.I.A.L plan until leadership is totally onboard and embraces the value of social adoption. Hootsuite and Oktopost can help remain socially grounded, produce positive engagement with internal and external stakeholders, and manage an active presence in the social platforms.


Apart from using the social media platforms Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube to monetize content, check-out BizSugar. It is a moderated platform  delivering content that small business owners, managers and entrepreneurs care about, without all the noise — plus it offers tools and plug-ins to make it easy to add code to WordPress, websites, etc.!

Integrating social is a process of incremental change or evolution. It’s a journey. And studying the experiences of enterprises that have already started down the path provides insights other companies can use to inform the way they themselves deploy social technologies. ~ IBM Center for Applied Insights

The new IBM study, Charting the social universe, reveals interesting statistics and 5 Distinct entry points for Social Adoption.

The time and investment in social business may not reap immediate benefits but stay the course. And it is equally important to guide leadership accordingly and share the statistics to backup the manpower resources to deploy the S.O.C.I.A.L plan. Charting the course now will build the roadmap to a successful business social experience not only for the stakeholders but also for the employees across the organization and customers beyond boarders!

What Does the Future Hold for the Generation Growing Up With Social Media

Love it when Pinterest or Facebook , from time to time, surfaces a pin or post with a picture from the 1980 or 1990 era — a stream of these can be viewed via Pinterest and may tug at a few hearts while memories of those good ‘ol days surface! Looking back, I would not trade drinking from the garden hose or playing in the community sand box with neighbors — in that era, it was simply living in a “real” in the moment amuse ourselves life style. There was little TV, families gathered in the evenings to build a puzzle or play Rumoli, went to the drive-in theatre on the weekend, and for the occasional treat a stop by Dairy Queen or McDonald’s! Check-out this video to get a glimpse into the world of being a child in today’s era:

“So, what happens when an entire generation of adolescents grows up in a world where social media interactions have become the norm…..” Published on January 2, 2014 by Mitch Prinstein, Ph.D. in The Modern Teen

Here’s an article to learn the hypotheses: Growing Up Twitbook: Top 10 Predictions Of Life in 2024! A bit alarming to discover these findings but all in all social media is meant to break down borders and improve social interactions. Once this type of medium is introduced into the general learnings of the academics across all educational systems, the children of the future will learn how to maximize the digital world to greater heights than any of us can imagine at this juncture in society!

The World of Social Media

Without a doubt the international social media powerhouses we hear about are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. But what people may not know, there are social media havens across the world. And for the global businesses, there are more online channels for connecting internationally and continue to expand than ever before. Here’s a shorlist of  international sites that don’t share the lime light with Facebook but some boast millions of users!

Belgium Netlog

China Renren

France Skyrock

Germany StudiVz

Japan Mixi

Korea Cyworld

Russia Odnoklasniki

Spain Tuenti

Women Earning Dominant Social Media Roles

If you are an avid user of the social media platforms, you will know how the “200 Most Fearless Women Online and In Social Media” built their presence and influenced many across the globe. Their relentless attention and dedication to submitting posts, resources and links to the ever evolving online mediums, has rightfully earned them a dominant role in social media. Read the full article and learn a little more about each one and their areas of expertise.

And if you are an avid user of twitter and not tweeped into their tweets, view their profiles and jump on their following today. Here’s a list of the top 50 to put you on the pathway to learn, grow and network with. While @smh_socialmedia has not earned the banner rights of one of the most fearless women online, the opportunity is definitely within arm’s reach as I continue to absorb the learnings these top ladies continue to share!

Social Trio: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

Are you new to the social trio or would like to explore how you can dive into the digital world? Recently Technology Inc. shared eye opening stats and backs up that Social Media is not a fad …


The full post can be read via: “Need to Sell Your Boss on Social Media Investment? Use this Graphic

For the most part, the social trio proves to be useful in our day-to-day lives. However, common sense is pivotal when putting your life online. Posting too much can lead to disaster or mixing business with pleasure could jeopardize your job. Just because there are pitfalls doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t engage in one or all of the platforms.

The “New Rules in a Digital Age” by Robert Half gives the novice the basic “how to” and reminds avid users of the pitfalls that could be costly. This is one of the many online resources giving users information to get familiar with the different elements of each platform as well as tips to refrain from getting sabotaged online.

Extend your reach and get digital today!

Social Media is Taking Shape Across the Corporate World

In the last couple of years, Social Media has evolved from staying in touch with friends to being the most widely used medium to manifest news, information and resources. The hype transformed business communication into a new avenue to extend their reach to the public and build awareness about their brand. Thus creating and redefining the structure within the corporate entities to conform to social media and adopt it within the marketing, PR and/or communications departments. Not sure that all businesses have determined where social media should exist within the corporate walls, but they do know that it must take shape to remain competitive in today’s market.

Here’s a list of a few of the corporate heavy hitters using Twitter:

@BoeingCorporate provides followers with status updates of their plant operations, including assembly production, industry news and executive conference coverage.

@Ford has over 31K followers and has a number of employees involved in the twitter verse to bring the organization’s news to the people. Ford is not only ingrained in Twitter but also a number of the top social media channels used today (i.e. Facebook and Twitter).

@McDonalds is lovin it on Twitter! With exhibiting a presence in Twitter, McDonald’s not only tweets out what it serves but also uses the channel to interact with its customers. What’s not to love about it! Oh and for the coffee lovers you can  get in on the McCafe love with @McCafeYourDay.

@Target where else can you expect more! Target jumped into the twitterverse and amassed over 20K followers with just over 400 tweets. Peeps want to know where the deals are so by following Target, they can get the low down on daily deals without have to hunt for them!

The above is a mini list of the corporate heavy hitters on Twitter who have aligned themselves with social media. For the most part if you can find them on Twitter, you are more than likely to also to channel up with them on YouTube, “I Like” them on Facebook and view their latest activity on LinkedIn.

Giving you a sample of who to find in social media doesn’t mean that it is only for the heavy hitters. The platforms are built to be used by everyone across the globe, big or small and anything in between. Businesses without a PR or Communications department can still dive into the social media arena and learn the ropes just like the corporate giants. It’s not the size of the company that determines the success in social media, it’s the values and targeted strategy that returns greater results. If an organization does not exhibit transparency when interacting/engaging with people or portraying a confident mission, they will not amass a social media presence like those who understand humanity.

To wrap it up, there are no concrete rules in social media other than respect. The platforms provide opportunities for people and businesses to grow, build and communicate across the globe. And the good news, with every new tool there are resources! For a list of social media networks and resources, go to Social-Media-Help, in particular for the ladies in business browse through DownTown Women’s Club for an array of connections and networks to learn from. Then there’s social media training to fit any budget and because not one size fits all there are options to attend on your own or in a group – check out Giovanni Gallucci’s course offerings. If you are not able to find what you are looking for from the above options, then you may be in need of a social media champion to form a foundation to get things off the ground and immersed into the social media frenzy!

Stay tuned for the next post with tips to help extend your reach and understand the need to adopt a social media policy.

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