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Social Media 101: Quality vs Quantity

The world of social media is not only shaping the way we connect and network but also focusing on the development of personal branding. Online social networks are moving into the business environments and transforming identities, thus defining personal behavior and character.

Learn how to incorporate positive behaviors online to shape and develop your personal brand. This will lead to understanding how to integrate enterprise social media into daily operations so engagement online fits into current activities at work and play as well as begins to pave an influential brand footprint.

As people being to navigate their way through the platform of choice, post status updates, add a blog, and initiate discussions, the platform automatically begins to shape the brand footprint as well as defines the social media roadmap. How? Everything a user posts is saved on the internet and can easily be searched and/or accessed by people across the world — even if you delete a post someone was quick enough to capture it!

While social media does offer a channel for improving engagement across borders, the landscape is not a race to the number of “followers” or racking up the number of “likes” that is associated to user online activity. Keep in mind that “quantity” may increase exposure, but the “quality” of content shared is key to remaining competitive in your niche market.

The future of work and digital innovations are starting to impact the way people lead their personal lives and work in the connected world.  Start now to make meaningful changes to your content to build your brand with quality, value-add information to broaden your reach — less focus on drawing the user numbers will result in brand loyalty and audience engagement.


Make It Your Own

The socialverse has become the most widespread medium to share, connect and engage. Resulting in “word of mouth” online much more contagious and viral.

Before you publish your content and stamp your name on it, ensure that it is “your own” creative work. If you are citing excerpts or quotes, give proper credit to the author.

Here’s a great article written by Jonathon Bailey, “5 Copyright Facts Every Blogger Should Know” that highlights key points to consider before publishing content. And YouTube offers some tips, especially when publishing music.

Posting content online, whether it be your website, blog or social networking sites, you should stick within the law. Additional tips and resources can be viewed at Copyright. There is a also a published circular (No. 66) specific to the Copyright Registration for Online Works.

If in question, just “make it your own” and there will be no boundaries crossed or lawsuits to debate!

I Want to Blog!

February 23, 2010 1 comment

So you have a desire to blog, but don’t know where to begin? For starters, you need to sit down and note the reasons why you want to blog. If your focus is to predominantly sell, think again. Sales pitch won’t go far, but building influence will.

Blogs for the most part are public, and usually consist of a stream of commentary, thoughts, and ideas. By sharing news, knowledge and information, you will attract an automatic follower audience. People seek to learn and gain knowledge through published content that is fresh, intriguing and worth the time to engage. As an audience connects, contributes and collaborates through your blog, you will soon have a trustworthy community foundation.

Now that you have your reasons outlined and adjusted your focus, choosing a host is the next step. With the number of platforms available, you can create a blog for free and start posting within minutes. Here’s a few to choose from: blogger; wordpress; or typepad. Each host provides tools and resources to help get you started and launch your first post.

Above we talked about your focus and reasons for starting the blog, and another element to add to your blogging strategy is goals. This will help you keep your blog active and mainstream. For instance, your goal is to build a longstanding customer base. To do this, two objectives come to mind 1) create awareness of your brand; and 2) share information about your service lines. In order to successfully attain your goal, an active blog presence will need to be incorporated into your schedule on a daily basis.

There maybe times when your brain is clogged and can’t think of a word to piece together a sentence but don’t give up and abandon your blog. The copyblogger offers some great tips and writing resources that will guide you to creating your published content.

To sum it up, the key to blogging is having a clear vision of what you intend to publish, what goal do you want to reach and how much time do you have to invest in this communication medium. Blogging is one of the most effective ways to communicate online and opens up another door for prospects to enter into your world. Implement a blog today and discover what traditional media can bring through the door!

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