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Social Media 101: Advanced Resources and Tips

There is no question social media has removed global communication barriers and opened doors for universal engagement. But has the new digital age reformed how we communicate?

With the internet dominating the communication landscape, the skills and mindsets have shifted. We moved from being grammatically correct to incorporating e-lingo and 140 character statements into our speech. Where does that leave the traditional means of learning and the broader impact of socialistic interactions? Educational centers are building social net friendly tools and resources into their curriculum, equipping the younger generations with technology learnings as early as pre-school.

For those who are not well-versed converging online will experience a fundamental gap and frustration if they are not familiar with the buzzwords and/or trendy terms used across social media platforms, not to mention text/IM messaging. And although the analogy has not changed, individual behaviors have aligned with the new life cycle of today’s modern form of communicating.

Slowly but surely there will be options through education centers to take classes and learn basic skills to gain the knowledge to engage confidently in social-net environments (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.). But most readily available are experts who have immersed themselves on the net and have developed learnings for everyone to grasp in the “real world” of connecting and engaging online. Here’s a list of a tools and resources that will help build your social tool box:

Social Media Definitive Glossary published by Hootsuite — Learn over 150 definitions to help understand and manage online activity.

Cisco Twitter Communications Analysis — Cisco’s research offers a comprehensive introduction to the actions behind corporate twitter activity.

The Future of Intranets and Enterprise Social Networks -– Find out how an interactive intranet can empower your workforce to connect, communicate and collaborate to deliver real business value.

How IBM Got 1,000 Staffers to Become Brand Advocates on Social Media — Discover how the power behind being social and adopting a system that incorporates employee engagement can refresh a brand.

#GetRealChat — Find out how to take the conversation social with Pam Moore (@PamMktgNut) every Tuesday at 9:00 pm EST.

The above is only a sample of the tools and resources available today to help build on your social-net learnings. As the internet continues to expand and technology evolves, there is no question that the traditional means of learning will change and the socialist interactions will reshape to align with the life cycle. The choice is yours! Take hold of the opportunity to be leaps and bounds ahead of the ever-changing digital world and be on board with the #NewWayToWork!


Social Media: Cornerstone of Job Innovation

The mid 1990s SEO was at the height of optimizing websites and site owners quickly learned the importance of having their sites ranked. Now the industry is recognizing the advantage of a high Klout score and brand advocates.

Although there are a variety of methods to increase web prominence, in today’s scheme of things it’s all about social media. Businesses have adopted the platforms into their marketing strategies and redefined hiring processes to include social media use. And based on the recent stats via Mashable, online development is paving the way for increased opportunities in communications, public relations, and online content production. Thus providing new job titles to emerge (i.e. brand advocate, social media enthusiast, new media specialist, internet media associate, etc.)

So what are you waiting for? Get online, check out the social media platforms, choose one that suits you best then build on your channels with the right mediums to engage, socialize and brand yourself. Don’t get caught up in social media overload — just by modifying the way you interact online to being strategic in your direction will build your efootprint with ease. And keep in mind, your Klout score will not hit records highs over night but within time plateau by remaining active, staying upbeat and influencing positively across various groups.

Eventually the importance of developing social relationships online will open the door to the long awaited interview and it will be your Klout score that will land your dream job!

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