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Social Media 101: Quality vs Quantity

The world of social media is not only shaping the way we connect and network but also focusing on the development of personal branding. Online social networks are moving into the business environments and transforming identities, thus defining personal behavior and character.

Learn how to incorporate positive behaviors online to shape and develop your personal brand. This will lead to understanding how to integrate enterprise social media into daily operations so engagement online fits into current activities at work and play as well as begins to pave an influential brand footprint.

As people being to navigate their way through the platform of choice, post status updates, add a blog, and initiate discussions, the platform automatically begins to shape the brand footprint as well as defines the social media roadmap. How? Everything a user posts is saved on the internet and can easily be searched and/or accessed by people across the world — even if you delete a post someone was quick enough to capture it!

While social media does offer a channel for improving engagement across borders, the landscape is not a race to the number of “followers” or racking up the number of “likes” that is associated to user online activity. Keep in mind that “quantity” may increase exposure, but the “quality” of content shared is key to remaining competitive in your niche market.

The future of work and digital innovations are starting to impact the way people lead their personal lives and work in the connected world.  Start now to make meaningful changes to your content to build your brand with quality, value-add information to broaden your reach — less focus on drawing the user numbers will result in brand loyalty and audience engagement.


Social Business: Embrace It

Embrace the confidence to tap into creativity and inspired to be bold enough to reap the harvest of the imagination! In business, one must be encouraged to reinvent itself in order to remain competitive, not in what it offers, but simply in how it operates.

With multiple social media channels, the world continues to change how it communicates and adopting higher levels of transparency. If a business chooses not to experience the potential new media brings to the marketing landscape, then they will be left behind.

For the businesses that adjust to the new media options and concepts (i.e. tweeting, pinning, blogging, etc.), bring to their operations unlimited opportunities to communicate their offerings, mold a relationship with customers and develop social awareness. Here’s some tips to think about when creating and publishing in the socialverse:

1) Know your audience
2) Be fresh and unique
3) Seek to build influence not sell
4) Add value and diversify the content with video, audio and photos

By incorporating the latest technology and putting social media to practice, there’s greater potential to build brand awareness in vast numbers. This coupled with rich content, keeping in mind the WIFM principle, the audience will follow posts and search for the published information — resulting in a positive rate of return on your value proposition.

Don’t just think about it, go ahead be creative and bold because while you are thinking about it, some one out there is already doing it!

Build Your Brand Value Through Social Media

Is it necessary to have a website to build your brand value? To drive traffic to what is published, the content needs to be regular and fresh regardless of which online medium used. Content is king!

For the newbie business with a limited budget, a website no longer needs to be a priority after purchasing the domain. Once a product or service is established through the business, a review of where the target audiences are is a pivotal step when developing the strategy. Social media has evolved over the last few years, bringing a vast number of users to the online world. And social networks are already formed, providing an automatic consumer base. So why not use one of these mediums to launch a business and build brand value?

With a well-established product or service, coupled with the right content published, credibility and influence can be built without a website. Yes, a website has been the traditional means of promoting online, but the social networking sites (majority are FREE) have expanded to allow for optimal publishing options, from general content to video uploads.

Take the following into consideration before you allocate a portion of your budget to a website.

Facebook – Community Services or Consumer Products, including nonprofit industries can monetize their brand through Facebook with a fan page. This platform is ranking in the top three, topping out at over 350M users. Although design of the dashboard is restricted, there are a number of applications that allow a user to incorporate and upload content, including collaboration with people through discussions and blog entries.

LinkedIn – A business providing consulting services, coaching or a practice fulfilling a professional need, then LinkedIn is a network to get plugged into. With over 60M users, predominately business professionals, provides the the channel to engage, empower and establish a brand across the nation.

Merchant Circle – A business with a storefront or a restaurant can build a dashboard and attract an audience through many of the platform’s features, including a blog and posting a coupon.

MySpace – For those immersed in the entertainment or music industry, including event planning, consider using MySpace. It is an established network of over 130M, open to ages 13 and up. The global platform allows for customization of profiles (including HTML/CSS) to change the general appearance of the page. Additionally, the applications are phenomenal from event countdowns to music/video uploads.

These social network sites have one feature in common, the ability to add a status update of “what you are doing” or “working on”. And by coupling one of the above with “Twitter”, are a start to monetizing the business brand with little to no dollars to put down but require the investment of your time. Being actively involved in the network(s) is key!

No matter what the industry, the art of selling applies to attracting customer interest. By exercising influence rather than hard core selling, a natural flow of followers and/or network contacts will build a trustworthy audience and customer base. Once capital has been established, go ahead and invest in that website!

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