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Social media can make or break careers

The communication landscape has shifted from traditional methods, like email or the newspaper, to online mediums. Whether it is for networking, weather alerts, news bulletins, job searching, training or merely just staying in touch, social media has become a norm in today’s society.

Social networking channels have expanded two-fold over the years and businesses have adopted versions of these channels to build internal workforce engagement.  Whether you interact on social or business networks, keep in mind that ALL activities in the digital world leave lasting impressions not only amongst your collaborators but also posts that can not be erased.

Online activities are public (unless identified as private), and search engines make it quick and easy for anyone to learn about your e-footprint. The economic environment has also made companies increasingly cautious and any information that raises a red flag in social profiles can quickly turn your career into high gear or abruptly end it with little to no notice. Note that the stored communications act makes it unlawful for an employer to obtain an employee’s personal communications from an internet service provider without the employee’s authorization.

When using professional networking sites such as LinkedIn, follow the online networking protocols and interact with caution to protect your professional reputation. When showcasing industry knowledge, links to articles of interest and information about your achievements will pave a positive e-footprint.

While enterprise social collaboration is slowly taking shape across organizations, mobile application engagement is being introduced as more and more apps are published. A great example of the shift over the years is the employee newsletters that went from paper distribution to email marketing platforms and now there’s an app for that team newsletter — 36% of smartphone owners use messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Kik, or iMessage (Pew Research Center 2015 — Source:

Online reputation management is not just for the big brands, it’s for everyone who wants to protect their identity and maintain the image to be known for. The digital communication landscape can spread news and information quicker and across borders, making the world more connected than it has ever been. Keep in mind while interacting online, no matter where your journey takes you, the e-footprint will always follow!

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Social Media for the Evolving Assistant

Are you an assistant who rises above the call of duty and incorporates the latest business trends into your daily routine?

If you answered yes, then you are more than likely exploring ways to immerse social media into the office and blend it with the current resources you already have.

Where do you start and how do you successfully launch social media so those in your office will applaud you for your efforts? First become attuned to social media in the workplace and how it impacts daily communication. Then become familiar with effectively managing online engagement and the importance of a social media policy. And if your office does not have a social media policy, then suggest that one be created and adopted by all employees — Coca Cola provides a guide on participating in social media, both personally as well as when you are acting in an official capacity.

For training, resources and more, check out these links:

Hootsuite University

Social Media for Small Business: How its different from how big brands do it

30 Tips for Using Social Media In Your Business

And check out the marketing trends to leverage ways to maximize social media: Social Media Marketing Trends for Small Business

Now that you are armed with the tips and resources, take the plunge and create a communication medium that will provide the office with a channel to in-depth information they can put to practice at work today!

Social Media 101: Quality vs Quantity

The world of social media is not only shaping the way we connect and network but also focusing on the development of personal branding. Online social networks are moving into the business environments and transforming identities, thus defining personal behavior and character.

Learn how to incorporate positive behaviors online to shape and develop your personal brand. This will lead to understanding how to integrate enterprise social media into daily operations so engagement online fits into current activities at work and play as well as begins to pave an influential brand footprint.

As people being to navigate their way through the platform of choice, post status updates, add a blog, and initiate discussions, the platform automatically begins to shape the brand footprint as well as defines the social media roadmap. How? Everything a user posts is saved on the internet and can easily be searched and/or accessed by people across the world — even if you delete a post someone was quick enough to capture it!

While social media does offer a channel for improving engagement across borders, the landscape is not a race to the number of “followers” or racking up the number of “likes” that is associated to user online activity. Keep in mind that “quantity” may increase exposure, but the “quality” of content shared is key to remaining competitive in your niche market.

The future of work and digital innovations are starting to impact the way people lead their personal lives and work in the connected world.  Start now to make meaningful changes to your content to build your brand with quality, value-add information to broaden your reach — less focus on drawing the user numbers will result in brand loyalty and audience engagement.

Make 2014 the Best Year Ever!

As you break into the New Year with a vision for 2014, are you on the right path to fulfill your goals? Are you feeling like there is more in YOU to give back and reap personal fulfillment but not sure where to start?

Here’s a channel that may help figure out WHY you maybe pondering on life — iPersonic Personality Profile.

Before taking the free personality test, write down what you feel are your greatest strengths and areas wherein greater focus is needed. After you move through the questions in the personality test, you will begin to tap into areas that draw you to your passion. In the end the results open up your mind to not only career growth but also reveal core personal attributes that will help with inner social circles.

Via iPersonic — Your personal Career Profile will help you to discover your best career choice like no other. It deals with all facets of professional development, job and career – personalized for your iPersonic personality type. As in all other areas of your life, your personality plays a decisive role in the things you enjoy or don’t enjoy. It plays a role in why you are more successful in a particular area with less effort and why some areas might be more difficult for you and require more effort. Identifying your skills, interests, personality type and work values will help you to find a more satisfying and rewarding career.

For further interest, take a moment to read blog post by Felicitas Heyne Intuition – Knowledge on a Gut-LevelNot only does this article provide insight into the personality types but also shares exercises for the intuitive types (the Thinkers and the Idealists) and the sensing types (the Doers and the Realists).

May 2014 be the year to live bigger, bolder dreams and unleash greatness like no other “Thinker” and “Doer” ever did!

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