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Social Media: Not A Replacement

With social media being mainstream, it does not mean it is a replacement. It is an added medium to extend communications and manifest information across the globe.

Statistics prove that Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter dominate the internet usage and provide businesses with an opportunity to monetize their brand with billions across the social media landscape. But there is no control over these platforms and can leave businesses paralyzed if they don’t have a website.

With that, don’t give up on a website. Ensure that time online includes refreshing web content, in addition to actively being engaged in online networking.  Keep in mind that search engines are content driven and users have the control over the web content to drive people to their site.

A website should remain a first step in building a brand and then consider adding a social media user profile. Jumping into social media doesn’t mean joining a number of networks at once to lay down your efootprint, start off slow. Click here for Social Media Footprint resources.

Bottom line, social media is here to stay but it is not the main online channel for business branding; it is a portion of the overall integrated marketing campaign.

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